Arnie is a 4 year old male Collie. This is our smashing boy Arnie. Arnie is a very lovable and handsome 4 year old Collie. He is very loving and affectionate and loves nothing more than to go out for his walk, come home, sit in front of you so he can give you his paw for a treat, and then to sit up on the sofa for a cuddle to watch T.V. in the evening. He would love you to be his best mate and if he could he would have a beer with you! Arnie is a real persons dog and loves your friendship. He would be a real “me and my mate” type of dog and someone will really enjoy him. He is fit and active so would love some walks to blow off the cob webs. He can sometimes be a bit vocal when he sees another dog but when corrected this soon stops and we are sure that once this is done enough times in the right way, Arnie just needs to realise it is unwanted and not necessary.

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