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[2017 NEW CHIP] Pro Pet Works No Bark Dog Collar NO SHOCK Bark Control Training Collar For Small Medium And Large Dogs Humane And Safe Bark Deterrent 15-150lbs 9.6in-27.2in

>HUMANE AND VERY EFFECTIVE: Our no bark control collar is the most humane and effective way of getting your dog to stop barking. USES SAFE ROUND CAPS. Using the proprietary vibration stimulus, the collar stops the barking by creating a response that your dog understands. This is all done without harming or shocking your pup “NOTE” THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT IS RIGHT IN FRONT UNDER THE STRAP”.FITS DOGS WITH A CIRCUMFERENCE OF 9.6 IN – 27 IN.
>ANTI-BARK TRAINING WITH 7 PROGRESSIVE SENSITIVITY LEVELS: Each time your dog barks, the collar activates a tone and a vibration. If the dog keeps barking, the tone and vibration progressively lasts longer and becomes more intense until the barking stops. A great collar for behavior training. Included is a set of end caps for dogs with long hair and short hair.
>EASY TO USE, BATTERY COMPARTMENT IN FRONT UNDER STRAP: FITS BREEDS WITH A NECK CIRCUMFERENCE OF 9.6 IN – 27 IN: Whether your dog is a dachshund or a larger great dane, our collar should fit them just fine. This barking collar will work for just about any breed. Get your peace of mind back without harming or shocking your fur baby.

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