Most people would be thrilled to hear Tom Hardy quote his Bane character from the Dark Knight movies, but this dog? Totally unimpressed.

In a clip that recently went viral on Twitter, Tom lounges with an adorable pooch while saying lines made famous by the muffle-mouthed supervillain he portrayed in the 2012 film, The Dark Knight rises.

In the movie, Bane wore a complicated mask that gave him his signature muffle, but Tom Hardy had to improvise here with what appears to be an athletic cup.

Any Batman fan would be over the moon to hear the quotes straight from the actor’s mouth, but this dog looks like he’s heard enough!

The dog in the clip, which was taken in 2016, is Woodstock, better known as “Woody.” Tom adopted Woody as a young stray while filming Lawless, and the two quickly became best friends. He accompanied Tom to sets, photo shoots and movie premieres, and passed away at the age of six from a muscle disorder.

Tom is extremely outspoken about his love of dogs, particularly Woody. He announced Woody’s passing with a beautifully written tribute, and shortly after Woody’s death the BBC aired a CBeebies Bedtime Story read by Tom, with Woody curled up beside him. Most recently, he managed to help a litter of pups abandoned in a box find homes by posting a call for help on his Instagram.


Featured Photo: screenshot via @jasonmcintyre/Twitter

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